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Classic Rock Comes to Westfield

The Fillmore All-Star Band brings The Allman Brothers’ landmark album “Live at The Fillmore” to life in a tribute concert at the Westfield Woman’s Club Theater on Sunday, May 19th at 7pm. Featuring some of our Valley’s finest musicians, this is one show you don’t want to miss!


The original Allman Brothers Band is listed by Rolling Stone magazine in the top 100 greatest artists of all time. Their classic rock sound blends with jazz, country, and blues. Their hit song ‘Ramblin Man’ from their album Eat a Peach, is ubiquitous on classic rock stations today.

The members of the Fillmore All-Star Band have all criss crossed paths in different ways over the years, playing original music, funk, classic rock and soul with various groups. Kade Parkin, one of the drummers in the band, was asked to put together a group to open for a Wolfman Jack show at the Marigold, and the idea of covering this album has floated amongst the group of friends for years. For them, it's the ultimate improvisational rock album- a group that's tuned in, knows where they're going, and is ultimately tight, disciplined and funky. They honor the authors of the old blues songs they've adapted and are singularly focused on "hitting the note". After the show at the Marigold, they agreed to do it again, and looked for a similar setting with "theater" vibes- the Westfield Woman's Club is just the spot!

Vocalist Lexi Weege and guitarist Kenny Lynch are both from Westfield and have performed there for decades, and drummer Kevin Mason studied percussion at Westfield State University, so there certainly is a "hometown" feel to the show. Organist Parker McQueeney is currently in a Dead/Band/Allmans tribute called Dead Man's Waltz, and frequently performs all around the Northeast. Chris Ball has been the rhythm section ringleader in Valley mainstays Mary Jane Jones and Llama Lasagna for years, and he fills the roll as the "rock" within the band- standing between two very bodacious drummers. Weege and guitarist JJ Slater frequently tour together, so returning to Western MA for a tribute to a band that lit that "traveling troubadour" fire seems all too appropriate.

The band plans to expand from the original album's seven tracks to the "deluxe edition" for this show- so expect the Fillmore cuts that had to be saved for Eat A Peach!


Lexi Weege on vocals 

JJ Slater on guitar 

Kenny Lynch on guitar 

Chris Ball on bass

Parker Mcqueeney on keys 

Kevin Mason on drums 

Kade Parkin on drums

Ticket prices are $20 online at or $25 at the door. Click on link below. Doors open at 6:30pm, and the show starts at 7.

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